Oral and dental care tips for children – Children’s Dental Camp

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Find in this section information of recommended consultation for parents and children.

Thanks to "The Mouth Monsters" a publication from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

Tips for parents

This tip sheet offers pointers on communicating good oral health to your little ones, broken down by age group, including birth to two years old, two to five years ...
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Active Kids, Healthy Teeth

This highly-visual, easy-to-follow guide can be printed and posted to refrigerators so family members and babysitters know what to do should a tooth be chipped or knocked out (hint: a glass of milk could come in handy)!
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Stats on Little Teeth

Baby Teeth Healthy Habits at the Holidays. The holiday break is a great time to help your kids establish and maintain healthy dental habits. This includes good ...
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